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Autism Spectrum Resources

Hello! If you have found this page, then you are probably looking for some resources in regards to autism spectrum disorders. Over here on this page, I shall be listing all sorts of resources that can help you navigate your journey through the autism spectrum. The resources won’t be just restricted to ASD, I shall try to include resources that can beof assistance to those with ADHD, PDD-NOS, Dyslexia as well as various other disorders.

If there is a resource that isn’t listed that you feel should be, just leave a comment underneath. I will do my best to include them for you ūüėČ

Have a great day!


Carers Australia Website:

Autism Support Network:

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT):

Sue Larkey:

Autism Resources:

Raising Children Network:

Facebook Groups/Pages Relating to Autism:

JACKS HOUSE (Joining Autistic Care Knowledge & Support) Inc

Giggling Auties and Nutty Mums

Positively Autistic (group)

Autism Awareness

Autism Support Network

Autism Sparks


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