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Goodbye to 2013

January 2, 2014

After what appeared to be a terrible year, I am extremely happy to be saying “goodbye” to 2013. Surely I am not the only one that has had a shocker of a year and that there must be others out there in this great big world who also experienced a very topsy-turvy year as well.  I would like to think so and would love to hear from others who went through a similar situation/predicament as us.

So what made 2013 such a terrible year? Well, there were lots of small factors that contributed and there wasn’t any “one” thing/event. I think that if these things had of happened on their own, it may not have been so difficult to handle. 

My partner loosing his job/ceasing employment was a major blow and certainly did not get the year off to a good start. What was worse was that he simply did not seem interested in finding another job in a hurry. Although we receive assistance from the Government, this is not a great deal and ought not be relied upon. 

Then our youngest son, Taj (aka Hypo-Child) cracked a major wobbly with me one night and rammed his head so hard into my rib cage in my back that he actually fractured several ribs. This was the first time ever that I have actually broken/fractured something. The fact that my “little boy” did it made it all the worse to deal with. This seemed to give my partner another reason not to find employment and so, as a result, our financial situation worsened.

During August came the news that I am pregnant with baby number 3. While this made me happy to start with, I soon realised that it was, in fact, horrible news. Sure, we decided to keep the baby but this seemed like another excuse for my partner not to seek employment.

It was as if I had come down with some contagious and/or debilitating condition that was going to prevent me from doing anything “normal” like housework and grocery shopping. Somehow my partner seemed to have forgotten that I have had two children before and, as a result, have been through two pregnancies – the boys didn’t just magically appear from nowhere.

To make things worse, my partner got morning sickness (sympathy) too. He doesn’t handle the flu too well so you could well imagine how poorly he handled coming down with morning sickness. At least he wasn’t sick during the night as well as during the day like me. Unlike me, though, he complained and complained and complained, saying that it was a good thing he wasn’t working otherwise he would have to have too much time off.

Telling my Mum about the pregnancy should have bought us closer together and mended old bridges. If anything, the opposite has happened. I now feel even further from her than ever as I have realised that there are some bridges that simply cannot be fixed. Both parties at either end have to want to make amends and, well, I am tired of being told how my life should be by people who are over 3000km away from me.

Now, financially, we could have managed. Honestly, we should have managed however spending wasn’t tightened and my partner continued to spend money in the same fashion as when he was working. Instead of cutting back and going without when we ran out of money, Cash Converters became extremely popular. Nearly all of our items of value are there, with the exception of my computer. Even my computer is a little scared as, when money is needed, it gets put into hock.

That means that the boys do not have their 3D DS consoles, nor does Tyson have his Android tablet. My engagement ring was nearly lost but thankfully we are able to pay some money to have the time due extended. Anything and everything of value that I used to have trinket and jewelry-wise is gone. I Phones and the I Pad are there too.

It is very depressing to think about and it makes me extremely sad, especially when it could have all been avoided. What is worse is that the boys are starting to understand why it is that Mummy is so upset about.

I guess I just have to hope that 2014 is going to be a much better year like I have been told that it will.


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