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Baby due in April 2014

November 18, 2013

Yes, that’s right! There is going to be a new addition to Morty’s Mad House. Totally unexpected as we had thought that we were finished having children, the news caught both Steve and I by surprise, although it did explain why I hadn’t been feeling very well in the lead up to the doctor’s appointment.

I guess one of the biggest questions that I ask myself in relation to this baby is “Will this bubba be a regular child (NT), a special child (ASD) or a hypo child (PDD-NOS)?” Giving that we already have two boys within the autism spectrum, I don’t think that this is a strange question to be asking at all LOL!

Secretly, I am hoping for another hypo child. Why? Because I loved how Taj was up and about at an early age and has had very little developmental problems physically. Okay, intellectually Taj may be in a league all of his own but physically he is doing fantastic!


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