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Mosquito Repellent Bands – The Mess-Free Alternative

April 13, 2013

Although it’s autumn here in Perth, Western Australia, the weather is still unbelievably hot with temperatures often getting above 35 degrees C. These are normally the temperatures Perth sees during the spring summer period, not during the middle of April. With sunset being at 6pm and the temperatures dropping thereafter, trying to enjoy the cooler air of a night time is near on impossible due to a mosquito problem in the area.

With my eldest son, Tyson, being allergic to mosquito bites – the area swells up, welts then bruises – I have had to search for a method of keeping him safe whilst letting him enjoy the cooler evening air. There are a numerous ways of repelling these nasty little insects – greasy, smelly spray on insect repellents and bug bands. Sprays can be unpleasant to the nose, especially to children who are on the autism spectrum.

With the price of bug bands in the local shops, I had to search online for a cheaper alternative. I was extremely pleased to find that an online shop called Focal Price that I shopped with frequently sold bug bands at a very low price. Hoping that Tyson would like the smell of citronella, I purchased quite a number of bug bands.

I really needn’t have worried about Tyson and the smell of citronella as he loves the smell. Best of all, Tyson isn’t bothered by the band and will wear them willingly.  Featured below is a YouTube video of Tyson with a bug band.

These bug bands are the real deal even if they are extremely cheap. If you would like to purchase your own bug bands from Focal Price, please follow the link that is posted below.

Pure Natural Aromatic Mosquito Bug Lock Repellent Band

I normally purchase about 6 bands per purchase. Shipping is free and your items will be sent via Air Mail, depending on how large your overall order is will depend on whether or not it is sent via Registered Air Mail. The benefit of this is that you are provided with a tracking number.

If you live in an area that has a large number of mosquitoes, give these bug bands a try. You will be glad that you did =D

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