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No Play Date For Tyson

April 10, 2013

For any parent with a child in the autism spectrum, being asked if your child can attend a play date is extremely big news.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a parent who wanted to know if Tyson could come over for a play date. Apparently their son had been nagging his mother about when Tyson could go over and play one afternoon. Whilst I was writing my number down on a piece of paper, I quietly explained that Tyson has autism to which she replied “that’s okay, I kind of figured that there was something there” and that it wouldn’t be a problem as she worked in child care. We agreed that she would contact me once she knew what her work schedule was and when Tyson could go over.

I haven’t heard from her since. When I see her in the school corridor, she acts as if I am not there. I have tried saying hello but get no reply.

Are there really people out there in this day and age who discriminate against children like this? For some unknown reason, I thought we wouldn’t have that kind of discrimination here in Perth. Okay, I have come up against parents who have refused to let their children socialise with Taj because he is do darn hyperactive and crazy, but Tyson? He has the best manners and is extremely helpful whenever possible.

Thankfully, Tyson hasn’t been asking about the play date and seems oblivious to what is going on.

I, on  the other hand, am not very impressed.

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