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Autism Related Articles

October 30, 2012

Good morning! Have just been going through my emails and happened to come across the following articles. Please feel free to share this page with your friends or anyone you feel who has an interest in autism spectrum disorders.  Thank you!


Military Families and Childhood Disabilities

Autism Specialist calls for more training of Speech Therapists

How to teach Students with Autism to read

Top 10 Stratgeies for Success: Emotional Parenting of the Child with Autism/Aspergers and PDD

Tips to Help Plan for Your Autistic Child’s Future

Three Autism Clinical Trial Opportunities

Edmonton Store Bars Autistic Girl and Service Dog Twice

Autism and Unacceptable Behaviour

Awareness, Education, Insight, Optimism, Understanding

Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum?

My Pigs LOVE To Sing!

When Your Child Turns 18: A Guide To Special Needs Guardianship:

Autism Early Intervention Can Help Regulate Brain Activity In Kids:

Is Asperger’s A Vanishing Diagnosis That’s Already Lost Its Meaning?

Autistic Boy’s Beating Sheds Light On Bullying of Special Needs Children

Autism and Twelve Fitness Tips

Autism and the “expected -unexpected” social thinking vocabulary

Autism and Tips from a Potty Pro

Social Care Gave Me My Life Back – Don’t Take It Away!

Film Raises Awareness about Autism in UAE

Living with Inclusion – How it works for this Autistic

Testing Autism and Air Travel

LEGO and Autism: Considerations from the Scientific Research

Shall add more as I come across them 😉

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