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Taj has been getting bullied

October 26, 2012

Children can be cruel. Think back to when you were in school – did you find it easy to fit in, or were you one of the kids that always got picked on because you were different?

Being a parent of children with special needs, one of my biggest concerns whilst they are at school is in relation to bullying. I have a no nonsense approach to bullying. Regardless of a child’s background, there is just NO excuse for bullying and it has NO place in the school ground.

Our youngest son, Taj, seems to have the biggest problem with bullies. One of the reasons, naturally, is because he is different. Taj doesn’t go for all that social pecking order stuff. If Taj likes a child, he will play with them if they are being nice to him. If they are being horrid, Taj simply will not play with them. It doesn’t matter if the child has the latest and greatest toys, if they are not nice, Taj won’t play with them.

These children seek Taj out and try to hurt him. Because Taj doesn’t feel pain in the same way as you and I, most often the children don’t get the reaction they were hoping for so they try and do more things to him.  Taj will only put up with a certain amount of this before he decides that he has had enough. That is when Taj lashes out.

When Taj lashes out, he gets himself really worked up. Whatever the bully has been doing to him, Taj will do back to them. Thankfully, Taj knows when to stop and will normally only slap or kick someone once.

Unfortunately, Taj is normally the one who gets into trouble. This is because Taj gets himself so worked up and angry that he loses nearly all of his speech. All he can do, most times, is cry and have a meltdown 😦  Thankfully, his teacher is understanding about this part of Taj’s disorder and will often tell me that something has happened during the day. This lets me know that I have to have a chat with Taj later on in the afternoon when he is calm to find out what has happened during the day.

Poor boy, all he wants to do is go to school and have fun 😦

Taj - aka Hypo Child

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